Monday, September 06, 2004



1. Love guru

2. always has time to listen your rants

3. badminton enthusiast

4...checkers bag

5. loves to shop with michelle, and can always buy stuff with her LOL

6...alternative fashion sense

7. Love to buy earrings

8. straight cunning gal.........

9... mixes well with the guys

10... the person to call when you're crying (even tho i've never done that before!)

11. secret keeper!

12... tells you you're wrong when you are really wrong

13..Pat is generous... also treat others dinner or sing k!

14… Play comes first


16.. can’t be harsh to her exs

17. your shoes are the first things she looks at when she meets u, and will always remember what shoes you have owned

18. amazing memory when it comes to non-academic stuff :P e.g. she can remember your friend’s name when she’s only seen your friend once … from a photo :s

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